*Coming Soon* New Youtube Channel Dedicated to Reading Poetry From All Over The World

Reading poetry is one of the most enriching things a person can do on a regular basis. It helps us to see the world through other peoples eyes. It takes us back in time and puts us in other peoples shoes. We live in an age where we can read poems from a vast number of countries and cultures in our own languages. We have libraries in our homes, and on our phones which would have made lords and princes of previous centuries jealous.
Despite all this, people today don’t really take advantage of the wealth of knowledge at their disposal. Few read good poetry of their own culture, much less of anothers. In our fast paced culture its hard to sit down quietly and focus.

Poems aren’t meant to be read quietly anyway. For centuries they have been recited out loud. There is something about the way a poem hits the ear and heart when spoken aloud. Something primitive and ancient pulls at us when we hear recited verse.

That is what Vox Poetica aims to do. Read at least one poem aloud daily¬†for you dear reader and listener, and in the process maybe I can bring poetry back into people’s lives, and for those who already love it, I hope I can bring new poets and poems into yours, and you can do the same for me.

I will post the poems here along with a few extra tidbits, but please come follow me on Youtube as well to help the channel grow!